What is a home care assessment, and why is it essential?

Do you or your loved one require home care support and services? As your trusted home care provider, Serenity Smiles Home Care ensures the care we provide stays relevant to your loved one’s needs and goals. To achieve that, we begin handling our client’s cases with a thorough evaluation conducted at their homes. Our experienced professionals will determine the specific type and level of care your loved ones may require at home. Thus, home care assessments are essential to personalize each client’s home care experience.

What can you expect from a home care assessment?

Generally, a home care assessment begins with our professionals entering your loved one’s home for a walk-through. During this phase, our team will identify falling hazards and other risks that threaten your loved one’s health and safety at home. Our professionals will then discuss the possible measures we can implement to reduce these risks and make your loved one’s home conducive to their well-being. After the assessment, we can develop a care plan that integrates the data we’ve gathered during the home evaluation to ensure the courses of action included in the plan contributes to your loved one’s needs and goals.

We may discuss the following topics during the assessment:

  • Physical and emotional care needs
  • Caregiver’s possible schedule
  • Daily living activities that require assistance
  • Personal preference for meals, goals, etc.
  • Health conditions and allergies
  • Mental or behavioral conditions
  • Home environment
  • Medical equipment necessary for each individual

We understand how seeking home care services involves deep decision-making. Hence, you can always move the care assessment to a later date, especially when you are still weighing your options.

What can I do to prepare for the home care assessment?

If you want to make the most out of the assessment, you can prepare a list of relevant questions, so our professionals can answer them in person. Our team promises to be understanding of your situation, so it’s best to share the issues which you think may affect your or your loved one’s quality of life. Rest assured that we will handle all the information you share with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

Are you ready to undergo our assessment?

Take the first steps towards bettering your health and quality of life by contacting us today. Our accommodating staff will help arrange the assessment at your preferred date and time. They can also answer your initial questions regarding the assessment.

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